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Unmistakably Yours

HISTORICAL:  Years after losing her fiancé in a tragic accident, Miss Jane Vancoller has built herself a nice – if somewhat uneventful – life for herself in the small town of Mountain Home, Colorado. Her life changes when her desire to expand her Tea Room interferes with her handsome, widower neighbor’s plans to grow his general store. 

Stephanie Caldwell just made the biggest mistake of her life – she fell in love with her boss, blind billionaire Branson Knight. When Bran announces his engagement to a heartless and conniving heiress, Stephanie is heartbroken.

Faebourne: A Regency Romance
M Pepper

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  In Regency England, stable and sedate Duncan Oliver is known to be a most unremarkable man in London, certainly no one’s idea of a hero. All of that changes when he is kidnapped by the eccentric Milne brothers and taken to the mysterious and hard to find mansion known as Faebourne.

Former homicide detective Jack Slaughter didn’t just walk away from his former life – it was ripped from him three years ago when an intruder murdered his daughter and took his wife, Leah, leaving Jack with more questions than answers. Now working as a private detective on the seamy side of San Francisco, his business fuels his own personal investigation.

Trial of a Warrior

FANTASY:  Liam MacGregor, the main character, is a Fenian Warrior now put on trial for breaking supreme Fae law, a trial that could mean his death. Still, he would do it again in a heartbeat, so he’s willing to accept whatever judgement awaits him, that is until someone comes to his rescue.