The Serpent (Spirits of the Norse Book 1)


Giric McDomnail is a Scotsman determined to end the looting and pillaging of the Vikings from Islay. After a stormy trip aboard his ship, they finally arrive, only to be greeted by what appears to be a hostile welcoming party. Giric hails the Norse leader, Gunnar Haraldson, and they miraculously like one another. Gunnar likes Giric so well, he offers him his sister, Saga. She is less than amused. Saga is a shield-maiden who fights among the clan’s warriors. She wears a warrior’s attire rather than the traditional dress of the women. During the peace talks, Giric and Gunnar decide to be allies with the Scots providing men to protect the Haraldson clan from another Norse clan which plans on attacking them. They also decide to have a marriage alliance where the Scots and Norse will intermarry. Saga becomes interested, but is afraid to leave her home for Scotland.

“The Serpent” is a unique tale which is vibrantly described so the reader can easily imagine the action and locations. All the characters are very relatable, especially Saga, when she is torn between her love for Giric and her love for her country. The world building is bigger than life. It is a treat getting a tour of both the Norse holdings, and later, the castle and Giric’s holdings in Scotland. The Norse are too reactionary when things happen and too quick to blame the Scots when there is another in their midst who stands to gain from their misfortunes. The story flows at a realistic pace and progresses in a compelling manner. Ms. Robbins has successfully started another popular series!

Belinda Wilson