The Brazen Bluestocking


Hildegard Templeton challenges herself to transform the Rogue King, Tobias Streer, into someone the ton will accept as the husband for Lady Matilda. The marriage is in name only, because she is interested in practicing medicine, but her father is insisting on wedlock. When Hildy sets eyes on Tobias, she is almost at a loss for words. The attraction between the two is immediate, but Hildy does not believe in marriage without love and Tobias does not want to be trapped by love. Love is what killed his gypsy mother when his peer father renounced her and never claimed his illegitimate son, Tobias. Soon, Tobias is obviously enamored with Hildy, and he sends her flowers of every kind. She is flattered, until he is supposed to come see her and he is late. When he arrives, he has been shot!

“The Brazen Bluestocking” is a delightful tale introducing the reader to the seamier side of London. The banter between Hildy and Tobias makes for some serious humor which breaks up the solemnity of some scenes. Although they come from two very different sides of society, they find they have the love of literature in common. Tobias also has a soft spot for orphans and kittens. The story is, unfortunately, saturated with details slowing the pacing. The climax also feels forced and is of less importance than when Tobias is shot. The characters from the most important to the lowliest are all relatable and interesting. It is nice seeing familiar characters from the prequel, “Ice Duchess” in this story.

Belinda Wilson