The Texan’s Favor

D. K.

Texas Ranger Jake Fontaine suddenly finds himself pursuing Grizzly Duvall, the man who killed his brother. Three months later, he is ambushed by Duvall’s gang. When he is close to be killed, a beautiful woman appears out of nowhere, raises her shotgun and saves him from imminent death. Kat Collins is on the run, escaping from her family. The two can help each other, so after a short argument, she decides to take Jake´s offer and they travel together. He wants revenge, and she wants the reward set on Duvall’s head. However, it all becomes more difficult when her uncle finds them together and forces them to marry, Jake has two options: marry Kat or die. So begins Jake’s new challenge: trying to live with a woman who he knows nearly nothing about and who he is always fighting with, but she has also awakened a dormant passion in him.

“The Texan’s Favor” is a fantastic romantic western story that quickly manages to grab the reader’s attention. Jake’s mission is simply exhilarating, and Kat’s runaway gives the story the necessary mysterious tone. D.K Deters offers up a beautiful story where these two characters will constantly be challenging and helping each other at the same time. Moreover, the story takes off with a simple topic: a man trying to avenge his brother’s death, and a woman running from her family, but it is so well told that it becomes a page turner quite quickly. Readers who love western romantic stories will definitely love this one.

Anthony Carbonell