Recent Reviews

Devon’s Choice

Devon is content with most of her life. She lives with her dad and dog, Bubby, she works in a coffee shop, and all of her needs are met. The only area where there is some discontent is that she is dating the very rich and distracted Michael.

A Love That Never Tires

EDWARDIAN:  Linley is the only child of an archaeologist and living that lifestyle is the only thing she knows - or wants. When in Morocco she meets Patrick Wolford, Marquess of Kyre, by sheer happenstance. He keeps his true identity from her, wanting to be treated as a regular person. They become friends and then they part ways.

MYSTERY/SCI-FI:  Kristina is from the human world, but those from another world kill her parents and so she has married Tegrin from the Kingdom of Patwain.

Planning For Love

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Poppy is looking forward to a romantic evening with her boyfriend, Richard. What she isn’t expecting is to catch him in bed with a voluptuous blonde that afternoon. After royally humiliating him, she goes home and evaluates herself. She runs her own successful business; she’s slim, has red hair and is attractive. Why does she seem to be a cheater magnet?

PARANORMAL:  Lily Boyd is on her way to visit her eccentric grandmother, who begins to explain to her that both of them are of the faerie. Grandmother is a faerie doctor and Lily must follow in her footsteps. Then they are attacked by hideous creatures and her grandmother disappears altogether.