The Space Captain’s Courtesan, The Omega Galaxy series, #1


SCI-FI:  Stranded on the outer edges of space, Princess Mya Centauri’s luck changes when she discovers her childhood crush, Captain Jax Rouss, is on Bates Space Station recovering from being in stasis. She last saw him when he was accused of attempting to assassinate her father, King Cyrus, but a decade later she still believes him innocent. Should she tell him who she really is and trust this fugitive - this jaded hardened stranger - to get her safely back to her home world, the one place he would never willingly return?  Or is he too far gone to be the hero he once was, the hero she now needs?

The saying is that “space is cold, dark and unforgiving”, but in this exciting tale it comes vibrantly alive with adventure, suspense and romance! The characters of Jax and Mya are larger than life. One feels their every emotion as if it were one’s own. Once the King’s most trusted guard, Jax has been framed, imprisoned, tortured and on the run for 10 years. He is very nearly beyond redemption. Mya is gutsy, spirited, and intelligent and refuses to give up on Jax. The attraction between them is palpable. Their journey through the stars is full of peril, but not nearly as dangerous as when they try to unravel Court secrecies and clear Jax’s name. Nails will be bitten, gasps will be uttered and hearts will beat faster as this exhilarating story unfolds.

Carol Conley