The Thunder Warrior (The de Shera Brotherhood Book Two (Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood Trilogy 2)

Le Veque

Second born of the three de Shera brothers, Maximus is pure warrior. Most men shudder in fear just hearing his name. Staunch supporter of Simon de Montfort’s political cause, he really doesn’t have time to think about women. That is, until a stunningly beautiful woman in a burning building falls out of a second-story window and lands right on top of him. How will he be able to keep his mind on the political game and not on this amazing woman?


Courtly Love de Lara is an intelligent and resourceful woman. After landing on Max, he is all she can think about. Her father is also a de Montfort supporter and invites Max to their home as thanks for saving his daughters. Soon, it is obvious that Courtly’s father has no intention of letting any man, even a de Shera, court his daughter. Max is a very determined man, but will he be able to win over Courtly and her father?


Book 2 of the de Shera series has found the romance that was lacking in the first book. It is recommended that these books be read in order. Max is one hunkalicious, drool worthy character. Courtly is intelligent and delightful. The side characters Izzie and Aunt Ellice add tremendous layers to the story; so much so, that it will leave the reader wondering what happens to them, as they disappear towards the end. The “insta-love” is way too insta. Get ready to fall in love with Max, laugh at the humor, and enjoy this sigh worthy tale!


Lynne Bryant