Hunted by the Past: PSY-IV Teams


After deplaning and hearing strange voice messages from her sister, Cynthia “Cyn” Arden is scared. Her sister doesn’t answer her phone calls and someone has been watching them. Cyn is ex-military and knows what monsters lurk in the dark; she has seen them up close and personal. Unable to locate her sister, she will use everything at her disposal to find her, even her psychic abilities to see the past, and the man she thought she once loved.


A psychic serial killer has escaped and is hunting Cyn, and ex-teammate Kayden Shaw shows up at her door, unexpectedly. The hurt and betrayal of leaving Cyn to deal with the fallout of what happened in a dark alley leaves Cyn with a bitter taste in her mouth. Will she be able to set aside the emotions of the past, and use her gift to seek out a serial killer? Will she be able to find the love that had begun to bloom with Kayden?


Oooh, Ms. Gray writes really good despicable bad guys! Not to mention, hot and sexy good guys! Cyn is tough, strong, yet feminine. This story is an emotional roller coaster, from betrayal, anger, fear, love…it’s all in there. There needs to be some minor editing but it doesn’t detract.  Mentioning that one character has a nickname, and then it never going anywhere is a bit odd, leaving the reader wondering. The side characters add many wonderful layers to this story. Grab your seat and hold on for this wild ride!


Lynne Bryant