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HISTORICAL: Captain William Allen is back from the war and has lost not only his left hand and nearly everything else. William is starving, so he decides to go to the moneylenders. William meets Miss Margaret Blackburn there, and she also needs money. William can’t help asking Margaret what she was doing there.

LATE 20TH CENTURY: Nurse Josephine “Josie” Donovan is asked to check on Merrill Reynolds who is not her patient. Josie has heard many horrible things about him, yet manages to make it through unscathed. Merrill then unaccountably asks Josie to act in “Gunslingers”, his television show.

Hidden Cargo
Robin Lloyd

Navy Lieutenant Everett Townsend has been reduced to captain of a schooner, USS Rebecca. The military ship is now a dispatch and supply vessel stationed in Key West. The peace and quiet makes Everett restless. Then he finds a damaged vessel with dead men who are trapped in a secret hatch – but one clings to life and tells Everett his name and where he escaped from.

Song of Lorelei
Desiree M. Niccoli

Captain Killian Quinn is out on the Dawn Chaser, with a nervous crew preparing to enter the man eating siren’s territory. The humans have a deal with the sirens – to feed them tinned meat while finding a cure to a virus that makes the merfolk crave human flesh. Killian’s fiancée, Lorelei, is desperate to help in the study.

URBAN FANTASY: Queen Belle has suffered at the hands of her father, but no more as she prepares his body for his funeral. She is to take the throne in his place with her new husband, King Alex, to rule the nation of vampires, witches, and humans. The first of their duties as King and Queen is attending the funeral with all their subjects.