The Creole Duchess


In Place Publique, New Orleans, Caleb Reginald Elmond Wirtham, Duke of Margris goes simply by Caleb “Cal” Elmond to do business with a local bookseller. Caleb, while there, witnesses the sensual dancing of the ethereal Miss Celestine “Celie” St Cyr-Duval. Cal is instantly drawn to Celie despite the warnings to avoid her because of her dubious, questionable background. For Cal to pursue a relationship with Celie will be frowned upon in society. When Cal saves Celie repeatedly from her courageous attempts to save all Africans, he becomes constantly in her world. The more Cal and Celie find common ground, too many secrets could drive a wedge between them. Cal and Celie must find a way to save everyone they hold dear before the threat of war looms ever closer by destroying their love for each other.

What a surprisingly enchanting historical romance that is just a truly delightful read! The book might be a love story, but it is beautifully crafted and well researched. By etching a moving visage of freeing African slaves and the battle of New Orleans quite wonderfully! With each harrowing, heart-stopping narrow escape to another, the tale moves quite quickly. Many things are touched on briefly, though that seems a bit confusing. The strange voodoo culture or mores aren’t explained fully yet, still it isn’t hard to imagine the places or people. Caleb is just the epitome of an enigmatic duke but sensitive hero. While Celie is the perfect strong-willed heroine who isn’t scared of danger. Ms. Rue Allyn has penned a captivating tale that readers will just adore!

Roslynn Ernst