True Stars Collide (California Suits)


CONTEMPORARY: ‘Love em and Leave em’ Liam Jones is the definition of a bad boy. Liam, the lead guitarist in his rock band Black Velvet Machine, is desperate to bring them back into the spotlight, which means finding a perfect new lead singer. Zoe Hastings, a previous pop princess with a sweet image glued to her is trying to prove she’s a rock star by becoming the lead singer in this band with Ian, Ben, André and reluctantly Liam. Unfortunately, the only way to fix her image is to temporarily be fake married to Liam. However, as the two try to keep up this façade, its obvious their chemistry is undeniable. Will there be a real connection developed between them, or will this sham crash and burn in the process?

Strap on the rock-and-roll boots readers, because this rock star romance is perfect for anyone looking for some steamy love scenes, a dab of spicy enemies-to-lovers and a sprinkle of band tension. Since this is a novella, the story mainly centers around the protagonists, so readers unfortunately only get a nibble about the other band members. However, the tension between the protagonists is sizzling from the very beginning and only gets better over time. Their romance also starts off hot and bothered, but it drizzles down to a sweet, loving romance that readers won’t want to miss. The love story feels a bit rushed throughout the short plot, meaning readers may be unsatisfied and grappling for more after the book is finished. However, it’s a perfectly fun story for anyone just looking for a sexy, short story full of chemistry and adoration.

Austen Grace