A Duke, Love, & Sunshine


Iona Richards leaves her home to try and make it in a male dominated society. She is alone, until she meets the Duke of Rosewood. Iona wants to work as a landscape architect, and she is very good at her job. She goes around trying to find jobs to showcase her talent. When Thorpe Covington, the Duke of Rosewood, first meets Iona, she tells him about her talent as a landscaper and how she can turn his manor into a beautiful place. The duke has his doubts, but as the days go by and he sees the beautiful land around his home transform, he realizes, that he might be wrong about Iona.

“A Duke, Love, & Sunshine” is the first book within The Seaside Society of Spinsters series, which can be read as a standalone. This historical romance is an adult read that will have readers hooked by the first page. Tabetha Waite’s quick wit, humor, and just a dash of romance pulls readers in with each word, leaving them wanting more. The author shows readers how hard it was for a young woman back then to try to make it in a society run by men. Not only is Iona supposed to be married--she also isn’t supposed to break away from her family to try and make a name for herself. Readers are thrown into another time with Tabetha Waite’s historical romance, feeling the emotion and power not only within the words of the pages but the emotional connection between the duke and Iona, making this a must-read adventure.

Stephanie Bell