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The Rooster's Hindquarters
Pete KJ
Narrator's Name: Daniel Anthony Carey

SUSPENSE/THRILLER/HUMOR:  This book has an intriguing beginning, with the listener believing that Irving is an assassin.  He travels the world looking for people to ‘shoot.’ Irving is actually a photographer who exposes secrets.  He follows a strict behavioral code while chasing a secret, and then blogs about it to his significant following, adding a new entry weekly.

Heart of Red, Blood of Blue

HISTORICAL:  Ever since a battle broke out at her betrothal ceremony 10 years ago, albino Princess Gisela’s life has been consumed by war.  Hidden away from the assassins and kidnappers who would use her royal blood for their own political gain or her albino blood for black magic, Gisela knows little of the world outside her governess and her tower.  After her remaining siblings are murdered, G

The year is 1307 and King Philippe has expelled the Knights of the Holy Temple from France.  Ewan MacKellar and two of his fellow Knights of the Holy Temple flee to Scotland and the protection granted to Templars by Ewan’s grandfather.  Having not been home for 12 years, Ewan is uncertain what to expect when he arrives, however, it was most definitely not news that his brother Ruaidri, now Lair

Olivia James and Zach Ryder grew up in a small town and fell in love in high school. But Olivia’s love for dance whisked her off to a Chicago stage and fame as a professional ballerina. Seventeen years have passed, and Olivia has come home to settle her mother’s estate.

Rishima Reynolds is worried about her boyfriend, Parker Collins. He never showed up for his creative writing class. She hasn’t heard from him since he left for a remote cabin to concentrate on writing his book. The cabin has no phone and no cell service.