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Orphaned as an infant, Cecily Neville was raised and educated by the hospitallers of her village until the reformation forced them from their homes and into hiding. Now she and the three remaining former monks live quietly, hiding their Catholicism and hoping to escape persecution. Unfortunately, Cecily has made an enemy of the new landlord of the area, Allan Smythe.

Driven away from his home and family, Ewan Ross is searching for his place in the world and a motivation for his life. In seeking revenge for an attack on a woman he has come to care for, Ewan finds a small bit of usefulness. Catriona Mackay has spent the past year recovering from a brutal attack and is just learning to live again.

Lavender Doanhart wants to rescue her mother from the Abyss. She inherited the gift of magic, but everything changed when an old feud raised its ugly head. A decent witch, she is determined that she will succeed in her mission to save her mother. Commander Brody Whitmore is the right hand to the regent. He has worked hard and risen through the ranks and so far, it has worked in his favor.

The Paraclete
Bernard Leo

Warning: Potentially triggering material.

Warning: a scene with mild violence near the end may trigger.