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When Martha, a doctor working in a run-down clinic is stabbed as she leaves work one day, she wakes up in a castle, beyond confused to learn she is no longer on Earth, but in some strange land where the men are huge and change into lions or dragons.

After suffering a brutal attack that ends her modeling career and sends her to live the life of a hermit, London Russell is left with no friends in a town where she knows very few people. She likes it that way… at least she thinks she does. With modeling off the table, London is free to pursue her love of music, something she has great talent with.

Blood Moon

When Kat, a writer for a travel magazine, agrees to cover for her coworker on an assignment, she never imagined she’d signed up for a hiking trip in the wilderness of Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. She never imagined she’d fall in love with the wildness and majesty of the Wyoming mountains, let alone find sparks flying with her guide for the trip.

SCI-FI:  Driven by her husband’s infidelity, her own failures and desperate to seek out the one man she might be able to love in order to redeem her shallow life, Janet Davis decides to bribe her way onto Gilford Island to complete her goal and write a great book.

WESTERN:  Redemption Bluff is looking for a sheriff above reproach and of strong, moral character. While Sam Miller might not have high moral standing, he figures if a former outlaw can become the Mayor, he might just have a chance at the stable sheriff’s job instead of tracking outlaws as a Pinkerton.