The Nightslayer


Skarde is a vampire for hire, willing to fight other supernatural creatures. However, he is cursed with one of the worst fates he can think of. His destiny states that the one he turns will cause his soul to burn and doom his people. Sadly, the one he is drawn to more than any other woman in the world, and the woman he instantly falls for, tempts him to bite her like no other. Gemma is a nurse who feels like she picks all the wrong men. Deep down she wants a soul shattering love, and her witch friend thinks she can help her achieve just that, but Gemma doesn’t believe in magic, until she gets sucked into a TV show with a super-hot vampire. Skarde is determined to stay away from her, but fate has other plans.

Grab some popcorn and some water to prepare for this late night paranormal romance. The way in which Skarde shows Gemma he has feelings for her while still trying to keep her at arm’s length to protect her is beautifully written and sure to draw readers in. While Gemma is a feisty character, the way in which she accepts magic so quickly, and offers herself sexually to Skarde almost right away is a little off putting. With that said, the prophecy aspect adds a hint of mystery and is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The love that grows between Skarde and Gemma is swoon worthy. With a little more attention to character development, this story will be one that’s hard to forget.

Annalee Stilove