Forgetting the Earl (The Arrogant Earls Book 1)


Honora Drevenport is not a typical debutante. She is overweight with a bad complexion and corrects people. She corrects Lord Tarrington, and he retaliates by making a wager. Gideon, Earl of Southwell is to dance with the ugliest girl of the ball and Tarrington chooses Honora. Gideon finds her to be interesting and talks to her following the dance. Tarrington reveals it was just a wager. Gideon refuses the money and leaves the ball. He leaves London two days later. Honora is left in humiliation. She thought Gideon liked her, but it was a farce. Honora is forced to marry someone she hates. Six years later, she is a widow. She is lithe with a beautiful complexion and the most sought after widow in London. Gideon returns to London a changed man. He is crippled but wants to make things right between him and Honora.

“Forgetting the Earl” begins with the heartbreaking trope of the “ugly duckling” but Honora metamorphoses into a lovely swan. Chemistry is obvious between Gideon and Honora from their first dance. He admires her intelligence and does not see her shortcomings. There needs to be more character development and Gideon needs to be a more mature character with more faith in Honora. The climax of the story is resolved within two sentences. It feels like a gaping hole in the plot. The grudge Honora has against her mother-in-law leads to hilarity within the tale. It is refreshing both hero and heroine are imperfect characters. A twisting plotline keeps readers wondering what will happen next. An enjoyable read, this is a stable foundation for a new series. 

Belinda Wilson