Clarity (Diamonds of the First Water Book 1)

Sydney Jane

Clarity Diamond and Alex Hollidge are friends as children famous for the pranks they pull, much to the chagrin of both sets of parents and Alex’s Aunt Elizabeth. After the Hollidge’s last visit, they are killed in a carriage accident, Alex the survivor. His morose aunt becomes his guardian. Now grown and pessimistic, Alex is at his first ball searching for a wife. Clarity has loved Alex since they were children. Every time he sees Clarity, she is in disarray but enjoying herself. Alex sees this as immaturity and thus unsuitable for a wife. He finally meets Emmeline Brambury who is as stodgy as he, and he thinks would be the perfect helpmate. But he still finds himself attracted to Clarity and can’t help but ardently kiss her every time they are alone.

“Clarity” is a playful story with the girl’s names reflecting the qualities of diamonds – Clarity, Purity, Radiance, and Brilliance. Clarity is a true gem and her emotions and thoughts are completely transparent. Alex as a hero is difficult to like. He is harsh and judgmental, and one wonders what Clarity sees in him. He is such a weak hero, doing whatever his cruel aunt bids him to do. Aunt Elizabeth almost ruins the story with her manipulations. The only thing which brings her joy is in bringing misery to others. Emotion is intense in this story and has as many highs as it does lows. The characters are vividly described as they go through their many adventures. This story is the beginning of what appears to be a dazzling series.

Belinda Wilson