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FANTASY: Following her abduction, Tamika Little has nightmares. Soon she develops the skill of psychometry, inadvertently seeing the horrible pasts of people she touches. Her (almost) step-sister Serena and Serena’s boyfriend, Luis, are there to protect and guide her, bringing her to Morgana, their magical advisor of sorts.

The Almost Queen

FANTASY: As children, Ellara, a witch, saves Tarran from a dragon. But in a world where witches are outcasts, their lives carry them in very different directions. In a war-torn world which has seen king after king torn from the throne, Ellara fights for the freedom of her people and Tarran for his family’s right to rule.

When Lady Octavia Shelford and her mother arrive in France to visit long-time family friend Guy Claybury, the Duke of Woodford as well as the British ambassador in Paris, tensions are high. Behaviors that were acceptable when Octavia was a child are no longer proper for a lady of her age and station in 1858. But can the pair overcome the habit of years of friendship?

Nursing a broken heart from the death of his fiancée, Grady O’Hara is determined to keep himself hidden away to sulk in peace. But when Farren Parks practically barges into his life with a plan to reinvent the motel he owns, Grady jumps at the chance to make a deal with her.

Anne Gilbert, a member of the highly respected Governess Bureau, is set to receive a new assignment. Timothy Lexington, Earl of Clarcton, is in need of a governess for his daughter but also someone who can pretend to be his absent wife to keep gossip and women at bay. Laying eyes on Anne, he realizes she has an uncanny resemblance to his wife, except of course, Anne’s fiery red hair.