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Hearts of Prey

Shaka and Rena are best friends and have been since meeting in the second grade. Each has matured and always present as allies. They bicker and fight, however they always have the other’s back, and respect the unspoken of which neither shares with the other.

Nightingale (Steel MC Montana Charter Book 9)
Michel Prince &
Wren McCabe

Amber is on her way to meet her ex-husband to do the bi-monthly kid exchange. The Montana highway is littered with semi-trucks and motorcycles; however one of the semi’s jack-knifes ahead of her and sends the group of motorcyclists all over the highway. The nurse in her has her itching to run to help, but protecting her two young kids from the carnage has her holding back.

Blind Faith

Following in her aunt’s footsteps, Cassandra Woods has no plans to accept the title of wife just to appease the ton of 1814. When Cassie is mysteriously called upon by Lord Hedley to come rectify her mistreatment of her fiancé, she can do nothing but go along to find out why her old childhood friend would tell people they are betrothed when they have never been.

Three centuries later and Alexander, an immortal dragon, still has every memory perfectly etched into his mind of his murdered wife, Maiara, an indigenous and magical healer. When his estranged siblings show up with a shocking family secret of potential danger they soon discover that Alexander has a few secrets of his own.

WESTERN: In the midst of renovating his B&B, ranch owner Les Springer finds that he has been neglecting his long-distance relationship to Lilly, a city florist, who just wants to protect her heart.