The Incident

Avis M.
Young Adult

DYSTOPIAN: Josh and Emma are two teenagers living completely different lives. The entire world around them has been raving about a potential set of storms known as “El Primo” that could destroy everything. Josh’s father, a scientist who was trying to convince people of its arrival, fully prepared their house in case it hit sooner rather than later. Emma’s family on the other hand, was not prepared at all. When the storm does hit, Josh and Emma must find a way to survive through the hovering obstacles of looters, feral animals, and low supplies on top of the storms. It seems it’s up to Josh and Emma to write their own fate now.

This insanely well-crafted, action-packed novel will have all its readers obsessed, to the point of keeping them up in the middle of the night, eagerly anticipating the next crazy obstacle to come! Ms. Adams’s debut novel may just kick-start another era of survivalist novels, due to its amazing mix of the accurate emotional displays during a natural disaster, and the natural teenage responses young adults hold onto—for example their anxiety around new people and their constant need for phones was spot on. Not to mention, the switch of point of views and short and sweet sentences allowed the novel to flow better with the plot, allowing readers to take things one step at a time, the same as the characters. The initial hook into the story is phenomenal, but the plot did feel rushed at the end and the reader may have a hard time keeping up. Readers will still be begging for a possible sequel for this magnificent YA book!

Austen Grace