Fire Maidens: Switzerland (Billionaires & Bodyguards, Book #9)


Claudia has always been surrounded by bodyguards. Being a Fire Maiden since birth can have its burdens. She has a one-night stand with a stranger, a way for her to feel free, and it backfires on her quite quickly when the stranger is hired as her next bodyguard. Heath, a bear shifter, was not expecting to become the bodyguard to someone as stubborn and fiery as Claudia. She continuously tries to run him off, ignoring the constant thoughts she has of him becoming her mate. Heath is also having trouble brushing off his interest in Claudia, and their relationship blossoms into something neither of them sees coming. In this series finale, they are both tested when a new evil presents itself, and they must work together to defeat it.

“Fire Maidens: Switzerland” is explosive and filled with an abundance of romance and action. The character development is spot on, and there is a lot of insight into each character’s past, which makes them much more relatable and likable. The love story that develops throughout the book happens pretty quickly and comes off as more of a destiny type of romance. It would have been nice to see the two love interests develop a relationship over a longer period of time. However, their relationship is wonderful to read about. Ms. Lowe writes about teamwork, love, and family in a breathtaking way. The pace throughout the book is relatively fast and engaging. With the combination of shifters (dragons and bears alike) and the hot and steamy romance, this is a story that can easily be read from cover to cover in one sitting.

Jennifer Shepherd