Lure: Jesse & Hawk


After a tragic loss, Jesse finds refuge near her best friend on a Chippewa reservation in a small Midwest town. As a photojournalist she craves the natural beauty of all living things around her. She goes off the grid, with no power or amenities, and relies on Rainy, her BFF, for weekly visits to check in and restock. Hawk, whose real name is Jedidiah, also lives wild on the fringes of the reservation. He’s a trained physician, but when a seemingly traditional procedure goes awry, his life becomes a living hell. His escape from reality and the world is his only saving grace. When the two lone souls intersect, they relive the past pains, but now they want to live fully for the future. Can their hearts be mended and please those who have gone before them?

When life and death collide with nature, magic can and does happen in “Lure: Jesse & Hawk”.  W.L. Hawkin pens this story in a lovely and poetic style. Readers get a front row seat to experience the pain and loss that quilts it’s way through every unforgettable character. Though second chance love is common in romances, the Native American ties with nature and spirit is beautifully portrayed, with teachings passed down through the ages lifting the story. The sub-plots and minor characters all lend multiple layers of mystique and suspense to an absolutely beautiful tragedy. The twists and turns will keep pages flipping wildly. “Lure: Jesse & Hawk” definitely deserves a spot as a reader’s favorite.

Viola Robbins