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Gemma Stone is an insurance investigator in Colorado, a transplant from Brooklyn, New York. Her family owns and runs a deli, and it’s a local favorite. Her parents and brothers are often searching out customers for matchmaking attempts, much to Gemma’s chagrin. She purchased an old Victorian home she’s renovating and her work does not leave her much time for dating… let alone a fix up!

Caitriona Murray has been obsessed with the ancient tales of the legendary Pict King Brodyn and his unnamed wife for ages. She has even seen him in her dreams. When she joins an archaeological excavation in the caves of Scotland, she is finally

Lady Ariel was scarred for life in a fire when she was younger, losing her mother and brother at the same time. She now is retired and lives in the country, away from prying eyes. Society has dubbed her Lady Beast, and she wears a mask when she goes out. When Ariel’s father dies, her second cousin inherits his title, leaving the wealth to his only daughter.

Rosamund has lost her faith in love and desires to leave her cold and stifling marriage to become an herbalist where she will be more useful. Major Giles Butler is on his way to rejoin Wellington’s army to defeat Napoleon when he runs across the Duke of Cuttyngham, a very opinionated man who insults Butler’s slain friend, Colonel Michael Landon.

Sophia Templeworth is the youngest of four daughters – and the only one unmarried. Despite her mother's attempts to change that, Sophia is quite alright with the lack of romance in her own personal life, and finds herself much happier spending her time in the stables and riding her brother-in-law's horses.