Lady Beast’s Bridegroom (A Twist Upon a Regency Tale Book 1)


Lady Ariel was scarred for life in a fire when she was younger, losing her mother and brother at the same time. She now is retired and lives in the country, away from prying eyes. Society has dubbed her Lady Beast, and she wears a mask when she goes out. When Ariel’s father dies, her second cousin inherits his title, leaving the wealth to his only daughter. Now her second cousin wants all her father’s wealth and plots to have Ariel committed so he can steal it from her. Lady Ariel needs to marry so her husband can protect her from her greedy cousin. Peter, Lord Ransome, inherits his father’s debts, a stepmother, and her daughters and stepsisters. He needs to marry for money in order to take care of all his obligations. A marriage of convenience turns into so much more than Lady Ariel and Lord Ransome ever imagined.

“Lady Beast’s Bridegroom” is Regency twist on the fairytale, Beauty and the Beast. It is a beautiful love story that shows the reader that beauty is found deep within, and not by what a person looks like. Jude Knight has create a beautiful story that takes place during the Regency time period and shows the brutal and honest truth about how a disfigured woman was treated – even after being married. The author has created very strong and complex characters. The reader will love Lady Ariel, who, despite everything she has been through, has a very kind, gentle, and giving heart. Lord Ransome is a kind and caring man who will do anything for the people he loves. Readers will love the connection Ariel and Ransome have, and how he loves her for whom she is. “Lady Beast’s Bridegroom” is Book 1 in A Twist Upon a Regency Tale, and is a brilliant and beautiful start to a new series.

Victoria Zumbrum