Entangled (The Duel, Book 1)


Rosamund has lost her faith in love and desires to leave her cold and stifling marriage to become an herbalist where she will be more useful. Major Giles Butler is on his way to rejoin Wellington’s army to defeat Napoleon when he runs across the Duke of Cuttyngham, a very opinionated man who insults Butler’s slain friend, Colonel Michael Landon. Butler loses his temper and tells the Duke what he thinks of him. Major Butler is then challenged to a duel which results in the duke’s death. Determined to contribute to the war before standing trial, Butler flees to the coast and runs into the Duchess of Cuttyngham, who is fleeing from her life. What will happen when she finds out Butler murdered her husband?

“Entangled” is Book 1 in the Duel Book series and what an excellent beginning. It is a fun and engaging sweet Regency romance with enjoyable characters and entertaining story line.  The characters are very charming and grow as the story progresses, especially Rosamund, who becomes a lot stronger and learns stands up for what she wants. Major Butler is an honorable man who has temper issues. Although he’s on the run, he still wants to do right by everyone – and also protect Rosamund. His fear that Rosamund will not want anything to do with him once she learns the truth about what happened to her husband is palpable. Although the reader will love the main characters, one may not feel a believable love connection between them as they feel more like close friends than lovers. Nevertheless, this is a delightful read that pulls the reader along the road to discovering happiness.

Victoria Zumbrum