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The Lyon’s Surprise

Cheyne Lyon, Duke of Mar, is suddenly faced with a drenched young woman claiming to be his brother John’s wife. Arriving with a babe in arms, Jenny Bramwell is seeking refuge with the duke. The most important thing to Cheyne is honesty. As he begins to fall in love with Jenny, it is the first time he has ever hoped to discover someone is being false with him.

Iris knows what she wants and goes for it.  And she wants hot steamy sex with no strings attached. When she meets Richard at a bar, her hookup turns into a relationship. Richard is from England, and while he is the perfect boyfriend, he is very hesitant to share much about his family.

Allayne Carlyle, heir of Viscount Rose, and Lady Alexandra Davenport have both been avoiding the trap of matrimony, so their parents scheme to set them up at a house party. As both parties arrive, both Allayne and Alexandra individually—and unknown to each other—decide to shake things up and avoid their parent’s insidious set up.

Herod D’Argyle is a damaged man. He is ruthless and has the blood of many on his hands. It takes a very special woman to get through his shell, and Arabella Strachan is that woman. Arabella is strong and fights for what she believes in. They are complete opposites, yet when they are brought together, their immediate connection is obvious.

Lady Eugenia Knight is the only girl in a family with five children. Now that all her brothers are married and with her best friend also married, it’s her turn to tie the knot. But being the youngest, it has become more of a chore for her family than anything else. She finds herself the topic of gossip. Graham Tinsley has been helping Eugenia get herself out of trouble for quite some time.