To Stop a Scoundrel - The Ashton Park Series, Book 1


Lady Rose Timmons has accepted her role as a spinster and plans to retire from Society after her youngest sister's first Season ends. She's been doing her best to keep the reputations and virtue of young debutants safe. Heeding a demand from their father, Thomas Ashton, Lord Newberry and his two younger brothers must put their scoundrel lives aside, start learning the family business, re-enter Society, find wives, and produce heirs. The brothers and Rose are childhood friends and they put their heads together to ensure their plans for the season come to fruition. 

"To Stop a Scoundrel" is a romantic tale filled with damsels and rogues who like to challenge Society's expectations. Long held infatuation, mysterious information networks, powerful attractions, and dangerous men come together in a great tale of one woman's determination to ensure innocence is protected and scoundrels are stopped. Secondary characters are as interesting as the main characters, so readers will love them as well. The rigors of a London Season are detailed enough to give readers a taste of the excitement, boredom, and sore feet felt by all. A wonderful beginning to an undoubtedly charming series from Ms. Bridges.

Tonya Mathenia