Touching Time (Romancing Time Book 2)


HISTORICAL TIME TRAVEL: Victoria Covington, Tory to her friends, has been thrown into the most unimaginable of circumstances. Whisked away from her time period and home in 1818, Tory is thrust into the future and settled into the year 2019. Confused and alarmed, Tory must find her way in the current year while helping a distant cousin save their family estate, Belton Park. Sam Dalton, the man who wishes to purchase the estate, only wishes to further his business venture with the idea of turning Belton Park into a conference center with a Regency theme. He discovers Tory quite by accident on the day she appeared, but is frustrated by her untimely arrival assuming it is a ploy to disrupt the deal he’s been working on. Tory must work to save her family’s estate, navigate a world she knows nothing about, all while keeping her secret from those who seek to discover who she is and where she came from.

“Touching Time” is a new spin on the old, classic Regency love story. Regency-era Victoria and modern-times Sam find themselves at odds throughout, which creates a delicious mix of miscommunication, turmoil, and frustration on both ends. As the drama unfolds it becomes clear that they are drawn to each other but struggle to trust and find common ground. The story unfolds so beautifully that it becomes easy to overlook the few typographical errors spread throughout. The beginning and end were divine with a slight drag in the middle where it feels as though time is standing still. A book sure to teleport readers into a world beyond the imagination!

Marie Sanderson