Memory Full: U-Day (Book 1)

Young Adult

DYSTOPIAN: Teenager Livvy Blunt lives at The Monastery preparing for her upload day. She has spent years as an Empty-head, training her brain to keep as much of her memory stores free as possible so that one day, skills from her chosen profession can be uploaded and she can proceed with her life. When her upload date comes early, however, and she is not offered any choices of skills, she rebels. She ventures off to Barcelona and meets Ramon, a handsome banjo player. As they explore the city, however, they begin to uncover countless surprises about the relationships and conflicts between The Monastery and KAB, a robotics company.

Rapha Ram’s futuristic setting is creative and compelling, creating a backdrop for an exciting series. The beginning of “Memory Full” is especially intriguing, with the pacing and narrative easily drawing the audience in. As a protagonist, Livvy is relatable and has a strong inner voice. As the plot progresses, however, the plot becomes a little jumbled. Questions arise, but answers are not always forthcoming. The author’s description of facial expressions and mannerisms are a little forced at times, with certain words repeated too often. There is a lot of potential in the plot, but it’s a bit disjointed rather than cohesive at times. Certain plot points (and why they happen) are not fully explained and several captivating characters are not fully developed. Descriptions of Barcelona and its artwork are breathtaking and interesting. Livvy’s voice remains strong and engaging throughout. The worldbuilding of Rapha Ram is incredibly thought-provoking and compelling, leaving readers to ponder the age-old man vs. technology conflict in a terrifically modern way.

Shailyn Rogers