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The Soul Mate Search
Morgan K.

Although she enjoys a successful career, love has eluded Nina for years until one day a mysterious fortuneteller tells her she has already met her soul mate.  Three times, in fact!

Love on Loch Ness

The Loch Ness monster has drawn hundreds to the loch in Scotland, but this time a trio of scientists are determined to put all the speculation and myths to rest. However, their goals differ. Dr.

Dancing with Raven

PARANORMAL:  Tori is preparing to leave school and become a professional ballerina. Hunting mythical creatures only she can see is not on her to do list. But despite her determination, she can’t ignore the growing number of demons appearing in her home of L.A.

My Lord Rogue

Baroness Gillian Chauncey is racing against time; with only moments to spare she must save Admiral Nelson from an assassination attempt or fail to fulfill her husband’s dying wish. Trained as a spy for the British Empire during the Napoleonic wars, Gillian is prepared for everything: except to run into her one love, and the last man she wanted to see again.

The Sweetest Seduction

Lia Mantovani is Chicago’s most promising up-and-coming chef and restaurant owner.  It is her love, her passion:  a dream she has thrown her entire life into.  Just as success calls, however, Adam Kelly enters her life.  He is the owner of the prime real estate she rents but has the opportunity to