Reviews - Mystery

HISTORICAL: London, 1851, the Great Exhibition celebrates the arts, industry, and modern technology of the times. Miss Kara Levett, an expert in creating elaborate automaton mechanicals, gets admission with Mr. Niell Kier's help. Niell forges intricate iron scrollwork into exquisite artistic screens and gates.

STEAMPUNK: Widowed Lady Georgia Brunel and her Aunt-in-law Millicent embark upon a much deserved holiday to Venice, Italy. Their plan is to take in the sights, see some exhibitions, and possibly try their hand at painting some of the beautiful scenery.

Suzanna Shay wins a mystery themed cruise from her bookstore job where she meets Austen Kincaid, a fledgling suspense writer. Their mutual love of mystery books and an instant attraction promises to make their five day voyage a fun and exciting adventure.

Ashley Medearis – a cop – is trying to come back to her old self after being shot in the field. However, Ashley soon realizes that it might not be that easy to be normal again because there is someone stalking her. And this just isn’t anyone; it’s someone who is dead.

Mal and her team are determined to put the gangster Dessi in jail once and for all, but after a string of dead ends, they are running out of leads.