Recent Reviews

The Prince of Solana

Even while exiled, Prince Andre Peralta still maintains all the perks of spoiled royalty. Until his family is brutally murdered, however. Now with a bounty on his head as the only remaining member of the monarchy, he is forced into hiding.

All Sadie Stewart wanted was a nice romantic evening with her boyfriend Sebastian Wildes to celebrate their six-month anniversary.  But when a masked assassin attempts to kill her, she knows instinctively what she must do.

California Sunrise

After exhausting every avenue available to her, Alicia Fuentes turns to Dr. Raul Mendez as her last hope in finding a diagnosis for her son Luis. When Luis is deemed too young to receive an official diagnosis of Asperger’s, Raul commits to helping her beyond the professional level.

Jasminda is a nineteen year-old orphan and struggles to fit in and survive. She lives in Elsira, her mother's homeland, but has the looks of the Lagrimar people,  her father's home country. Jasminda is an Earthsinger and her spells are those that heal.

Camilla left the Bayou and her home at Fleur de Lis as a self-imposed punishment until her sister can forgive her for her betrayal. Her job at the local diner in Wyoming is just enough to allow her to build up her savings and afford a small apartment.