Song of Blood and Stone


Jasminda is a nineteen year-old orphan and struggles to fit in and survive. She lives in Elsira, her mother's homeland, but has the looks of the Lagrimar people,  her father's home country. Jasminda is an Earthsinger and her spells are those that heal. Her gift comes in handy when shes returning home from errands and sees a soldier who is in need. She assists him, but the men sent to retrieve him refer to him as a spy and are fast approaching. She hides and the men beat him more, tie him up and travel on again. There is a connection between Jasminda and the soldier; one that is inexplicable and apparent from their first meeting. Is there more to it than her aid in healing?


The two lands that are at war could not be more opposites. There are the singers with magic spells, and the other land of brutality. Ms. Penelope has a creative tale in Song of Blood and Stone. There are two stories being told in parallel and deftly written. The plot slows down a bit halfway through, but picks up with a clever and tidy ending. Readers may find the time of the tale hard to pin down as its not explained when the story takes place, inconsistencies with technology are curious. Some back story on a time frame might have been helpful. Minor editing errors are noted but overall "Song of Blood and Stone" is a delightful story, and those who don't read this genre may find it an interesting and clever read. 


Viola Robins