The Prince of Solana


Even while exiled, Prince Andre Peralta still maintains all the perks of spoiled royalty. Until his family is brutally murdered, however. Now with a bounty on his head as the only remaining member of the monarchy, he is forced into hiding. Finding himself on a remote and dusty ranch in Texas, his mere presence is a burr under Gemma Westfalls saddle. While she cant deny the heat in his gaze, she knows hes hiding something. When hit men infiltrate and destroy Gemmas quaint life, the two team up to extract justice by any means necessary.  


AMAZEBALLS!!! Right from the beginning a reader is reminded to never judge a book by its cover! Filled with equal parts of sizzling chemistry, action, suspense, and snarky banter, one is thrust onto a ride unlike anything other! The author does a wonderful job of showing rather than telling. One truly grasps Andres feelings of angst and internal struggle between the loss of his family, and being forced into hiding. Additionally, while Gemma may have her own turmoil, and emotional baggage she is certainly no shirking violet! As rough and tumble as a Texas tumbleweed, this heroine will have readers cheering her no non-sense tomboy attitude, while simultaneously laughing out loud at her witty and snarky remarks. Another aspect readers will delight in is that while the ending promises to continue, one is not left with a cliff hanger! Ms. Sheehey has found the perfect formula for delighting and keeping readers engaged! FIVE STARS!!


Stephanie Lodes