Bayou Beckons (Fleur de Lis #3)


Camilla left the Bayou and her home at Fleur de Lis as a self-imposed punishment until her sister can forgive her for her betrayal. Her job at the local diner in Wyoming is just enough to allow her to build up her savings and afford a small apartment. Finding a handsome cowboy is not in her plan, but when your soul mate lands in town and does all he can to get a date, it may be worth the time. 


Jared is in town helping with the family ranch and fulfilling his brotherly best-man duties. Hes pleasantly surprised to meet a beautiful southern woman that he plans on spending a lot of time with. When he learns of Camillas betrayal, will that be the end to this relationship that has barely just begun?


Love scared her more than she ever imagined, a broken heart just might kill her.Ms. Joyce has another enjoyable read to add to the collection. Bayou Beckonsis book three in this series; it stands alone but reading the previous books will bring readers to the time and place of the characters in this book. The plot is fluid and the characters are delightful. The hero and heroine both shine in their own way and do it humbly and without fanfare. There is just the right amount of angst between the main characters, however when the story gets going readers may feel cheated with an abrupt ending which includes a rushed reunion and a surprise declaration. Perhaps this would be a great place to pick up and start book four. 


Viola Robins