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Christina Courtenay continues her Kumashiro historical romance series with “The Jade Lioness.” Set in 17th Century Japan, Temperance Marston accompanies her half- Japanese cousin and her Dutch husband on a trip to Japan.  Foreign trade is all but banned except for the Dutch, and all foreigners are

Jessie Summers and her husband Blake just haven’t connected since their baby was stillborn and they learned that Jessie couldn’t have more children. And then Blake drops a bombshell—he fathered a child with Jessie’s old roommate when they had broken up briefly.

Fated Hearts

Henley Elliott has a past she can’t seem to outrun.  Leaving her family and psychiatry practice she strikes out traveling the country with only her personal belongings in tow until her car breaks down in a sleepy Minnesota town.  Sheriff Carter McAlister has his own share of scars - both emotional and physical - but he can’t seem to figure Henley out, nor all the mysterious happenings that take

What Janie Wants

Recent divorcee Janie McAlister needs some recuperation time, and a free vacation to a tropical paradise is exactly what her sister planned for her.  Planning to avoid the nudist beaches and relax by the poolside, Janie had no intentions of entanglements other than planning the next steps in her life.  Photographer Zade Painel shared the same intentions as Janie.  He wanted to rethink his life

Dream Slayer

ACTION ADVENTURE:  A military experimental study on sleep has army captain Pierce Aldin crossing paths with police psychiatrist Cassie O’Neil in the dream world.  They soon realize their repeated meeting in dreams has elements of truth and leads to their meeting in an awakened state.