Beyond the Shadow: The Land of Riandus


Lord Redahn Sharanis was injured in battle and is now unable to maintain his former glory as one of the best warriors in the kingdom. Bitter and cynical, he seeks to keep himself entertained by attending the Dremis Maiden Gathering, a rather degrading ceremony in which men are able to choose a female and even possibly a future wife. Mahryn abhors this chauvinistic tradition but is nonetheless forced to participate by her father. When she is chosen by Redahn her loathing turns to lust and then love, but when secrets from her past threaten to undo everything, she is determined to right the wrongs and find the happiness she deserves.


Reidhan is rather abrasive and from the beginning is difficult to admire, while Mahryn is likable and easy to connect with. Although sparks are there between them their contempt for each other outweighs their attraction. For the reader it’s hard to believe they could fall in love, yet when they do it is tenfold. Reidhan does redeem many of his unlikable qualities towards the end, and with the addition of a number of interesting characters the novel gains a lot of needed depth.  It takes some time to get into the overall story, but once there it is fast paced with adventure and suspense and astonishing twists that push through to an overall enjoyable fantasy read.


Margaret Faria