Two to Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo #2)


Ty Morgan and Monica Brandt are now business partners. However, that hasn't stopped them from mixing business with pleasure and so, when their hearts are in danger of crossing an even thinner line, Monica flees home to New York. When a tragedy delivers Monica back to Las Vegas, Ty is not ready to give up - not on the business and not on Monica. If either of them can subdue their stubborn streaks and open up their hearts long enough, they just might have a chance at success and true love.


Book two of Victoria Vane's Hotel Rodeo series picks up right where book one left off and drives full steam ahead. Fireworks begin early between Ty and Monica, reminding the reader how magnetic these two are while "Two the Wrangle" allows the reader to get to know them on a much more emotional level. Ty bares his soul and it is difficult not to fall even harder for him this time around, as he proves that this cowboy is a diamond in the rough. Monica seems unable to make up her mind and is exasperating at times as her indecisiveness occasionally steers the story backwards and forwards.. Her strong presence is also lacking this time around, leaving the reader with a sense of disappointment where her character is concerned. Still, this book is a reader's delight - full of moments ranging from tender to hot and steamy, and returning to a dynamite couple that will win over even the most skeptical of romance readers.


Margaret Faria