The Rake’s Irish Lady


Its 1804 England, an Irish-born Bridget O’Shaughnessy Black, a widow of six years and mother to a five year-old daughter is in a bind. Her distant cousin, whom she’d hoped to marry when she was sixteen, arrives from Ireland claiming to be the father of her illegitimate daughter. He threatens to take away her child if she doesn’t agree to marry him. She seeks out the real father of her daughter, a man she’d seduced for a single night of sex - infamous rake Colin Warren. Colin remembers their encounter well, and though reluctant at first, eventually accepts the child as his. After she’s abducted, Colin and Bridget follow the trail to find their daughter, unlocking passions, both sexual and patriotic, which could prove dangerous to both of them. 


Two words: Deliciously Fabulous! In “The Rake’s Irish Lady” the author has created a perfectly crafted storyline that’s unique, interesting, brimming with passion, with moments of heart tugging emotion, and humor. She’s clearly done her research so that elements of a fictional Irish rebellion mesh well with fact. The characters are complex and likeable, or suitably unlikeable, depending on the characters, the sensual scenes tastefully done, with flawless dialogue that reads without a hitch. Truthfully, it’s one of the best and most well-written historical novels this reviewer has read in decades. The only downside is not having read book one of this delectable series before its follow-up.  Excellent job, Ms. Monajem!

Lori Leger