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The Demigod's Legacy

December Farmer is off to New Mexico to track down her daughter's absentee father. Tito Perez disappeared from December's life because he has a secret. He is a demigod who is not supposed to mate with humans; the last time he did his bloodthirsty cousin killed both his wife and his son. Tito cannot stand to see this happen again.


Damaris Tilghman is destitute after her father gambles away the family fortune and commits suicide. She has no choice but to become a family servant to a distant relative. It seems a godsend when Matthew Pope offers her a marriage proposal instead. Damaris becomes the mistress of Riverbend, Matthew's plantation, but soon faces opposition from one of the slaves.

Shona, Lady Atterberry, finds comfort in hiding behind her own insecurity. Often ridiculed and considered a social outcast, her aristocratic title does nothing to bring her a suitor and gain respect from her female peers. Captain Morgan Le Draco was once an esteemed member of the Royal Dragoons until an explosion maimed his body, face and soul, and cost him the noble commission.

Russian Holiday

Robert Garcia, also known as “Paladine”, is a cold hearted and dangerous assassin. His covert missions are to rid the world of jihadist terrorists. Robert has just completed a mission in Syria, but the pickup by his own team was bungled. Left virtually on his own, Robert is captured by the enemy and set to be executed.

Aileen Lynch is devastated the day her mother dies of cancer. When the last will and testament is read, dark family secrets are revealed. Already stricken with grief, Aileen is shocked to learn of her father’s insurmountable gambling debts.