Russian Holiday


Robert Garcia, also known as “Paladine”, is a cold hearted and dangerous assassin. His covert missions are to rid the world of jihadist terrorists. Robert has just completed a mission in Syria, but the pickup by his own team was bungled. Left virtually on his own, Robert is captured by the enemy and set to be executed. He stands face to face with a firing squad, and just when he thinks  his life is  over, is miraculously rescued by a band of Russians. He is befriended by Lyosha, an assassin for the other side.

The two flee to Russia, where an angry and defiant Robert declares via phone to his boss,  ‘the man with no name’, that he is officially on holiday. Lyosha introduces his new friend ‘Bob’ to Russian culture and nightlife. Burnt out and desperately wanting to quit the assassin business, Robert receives several more dossiers and jobs he is bound to complete. He is, after all a master at his game and the thrill of the kill keeps him going.

This page-turner is full of twists and turns as Robert battles the evil terrorists; seemingly ubiquitous with the number of assignments he is given. His targets are eliminated swiftly and with precision, but he is tired and ready to give up the bloody life of a hired killer. Complete with all the elements of a real life assassin, this is a must-read for those craving a chilling political thriller!

 Layne Lancaster