The Demigod's Legacy


December Farmer is off to New Mexico to track down her daughter's absentee father. Tito Perez disappeared from December's life because he has a secret. He is a demigod who is not supposed to mate with humans; the last time he did his bloodthirsty cousin killed both his wife and his son. Tito cannot stand to see this happen again. He cares for December and does not want to involve her in all the drama that comes with being a demigod. This changes when he finds out he has a daughter, and now he has to tell December who he really is. His cousin catches wind of Tito's new mate and comes to kill her. Tito will do anything to keep the past from repeating itself; he will not lose another mate to his cousin if he can help it.

"The Demigod's Legacy" is a creative tale about gods and goddesses that still roam the earth, and the first book in a new series. The character development is solid and the characters are distinctive from the start and grow sustainably throughout the narrative.  The author has a good handle on the storyline, which makes her premise believable. Tito and December's romance is quite steamy,  and the idea of an immortal mating with a human will keep the reader hooked throughout the story. One caveat: the excessive use of coarse language made the narrative a bit off-putting. Otherwise, the story will keep the reader engaged and looking forward to the next installment. 

Jessica Samuelsen