The Wallflower’s Wicked Wager (A Waltz With a Rogue #5)


Shona, Lady Atterberry, finds comfort in hiding behind her own insecurity. Often ridiculed and considered a social outcast, her aristocratic title does nothing to bring her a suitor and gain respect from her female peers. Captain Morgan Le Draco was once an esteemed member of the Royal Dragoons until an explosion maimed his body, face and soul, and cost him the noble commission. From that fateful day he has retreated into a world of cynicism and distrust. When two worlds collide at the most unsuspecting time, could romance be in bloom?

Two damaged souls, Lady Atterberry and Captain Le Draco, meet quite by chance when Shona takes an accidental fall into the lake. Captain Le Draco puts aside his handicap and dives in to rescue her. There is an immediate attraction, which neither has the courage to admit. Dark family secrets from Shona’s past keep her from believing in herself.  Morgan’s injury and estrangement  from his own family leave him feeling unworthy of any lady’s affections.

Lovers of historical romance will savor this beautiful story about two flawed, outwardly awkward people, seeking love and acceptance. The story starts out slow and the character connections don't click until around the 25%  mark of the book. Once the smooth-flowing dialogue between Shona and Morgan begins, however, the doors open wide and the horses are out of the gate. Don’t let the slow start deter you: readers will be cheering this couple on to the finish line and rooting for their happily ever after.

Layne Lancaster