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Lie Catchers

“Lie Catchers” is a suspenseful trip to the wilds of Alaska to solve a recent unsolved murder and a cold case from the 1930’s. The main character, Liv Hanson (pronounced “Leave”) is a writer with a unique penchant for details.

Angel to the Rescue

“Angel to the Rescue” is a clever play on words combining people - adults and children alike - who are at the threshold of buckling from drawing their last straw with several forms of guardian angels tasked with bringing them back from the brink.

The Plot Thickens (A Semya Slotin Mystery)
Ngontang Mba

“The Plot Thickens” is a novella of events that actually take place in the author’s previous novel, “Bird of Prey,” but from a different character’s perspective.  While her best friend, Semya, and Semya’s boyfriend are off trying to solve a murder, Russian “princess” Polliannah Koch Guryev meets the man she believes could be her Prince Charming.  What she does not know is that John Allen is act

Gregori is an extremely powerful warlock whose magic has grown so strong he is in danger of losing control.  He needs to bind himself and his magic to his intended mate soon or risk death.  His future mate, Alanna, and her sisters are witches who were orphaned a decade ago when their parents were killed in a suspicious

Celeste Garrett is back, along with all of her family, friends, and enemies in this fourth entry in the Gryphon series that follows a teenager who is magically bound to the mythical Gryphon.  Celeste just wants to experience being a normal teenager, but the Countess is intent on destroying the Gryphon, thus threatening