The Plot Thickens (A Semya Slotin Mystery)

Ngontang Mba

“The Plot Thickens” is a novella of events that actually take place in the author’s previous novel, “Bird of Prey,” but from a different character’s perspective.  While her best friend, Semya, and Semya’s boyfriend are off trying to solve a murder, Russian “princess” Polliannah Koch Guryev meets the man she believes could be her Prince Charming.  What she does not know is that John Allen is actually a hit man hunting for her brothers, and he is getting close to Polliannah to try to find them.  Things get complicated for John when he develops real feelings for Polli.  Can he find a way to begin a new life with her without getting them both killed.

This book takes readers on a wild ride into the world of high fashion and low dealings.  Tension is high from the first page through the last chapter.  The author assumes one has read the previous book and makes some abrupt scene transitions.  Polli comes across a bit childlike, enthralled with expensive designer handbags and shoes.  It would have been nice to see more depth in her personality.  Readers will appreciate that John finds himself in an impossible situation, but the way he decides to handle it is a bit naïve.  Still, this book will no doubt answer some lingering questions for readers of “Bird of Prey,” and the glimpses into the world of powerful Russian families are fascinating. 

Leslie Stokes