Lie Catchers


“Lie Catchers” is a suspenseful trip to the wilds of Alaska to solve a recent unsolved murder and a cold case from the 1930’s. The main character, Liv Hanson (pronounced “Leave”) is a writer with a unique penchant for details. She clearly sees the trees where others might only see the forest or miss it altogether. Her knack for zooming in on the fine points becomes an asset to Special Agent Parker Browne, sent from Fresno, California to investigate the ruthless crime. Through interrogations of the local country bumpkins to a heated spin around a dance floor, the two make headway with both of their cases as well as their relationship. Unfortunately, their progress makes them the target of a murderer desperate to stay anonymous along with rising resentments of townspeople wishing to keep the past buried. 

Book lovers reading Anderson’s novel will be transported to an environment seemingly untouched by time. The setting of the story, Petersburg, Alaska, becomes another character. Fishy aromas, dreary weather, and cast of quirky characters lends itself beautifully to this well-researched plot. The authenticity of the descriptions vividly paints an image in one’s mind, allowing them to become a part of the story. There were times those descriptions were so long that one had to push through them to get to the next part. Still, the reader will root for the main characters with fingers crossed, while hoping for a happy ending, and a closed caseload!  This well-written tale was truly enjoyable from beginning to the end making the conclusion genuinely satisfying.

Amy Willis