The Jade Dragon (Greenwood Witches Book 2)

Rowena May

Gregori is an extremely powerful warlock whose magic has grown so strong he is in danger of losing control.  He needs to bind himself and his magic to his intended mate soon or risk death.  His future mate, Alanna, and her sisters are witches who were orphaned a decade ago when their parents were killed in a suspicious car accident.  Gregori is trying to solve the mystery of the wreck, but Alanna is the biggest mystery of all.  She is hiding a secret that prevents him from binding his magic with her.  If she lets down her walls to save his life, it could cost her what’s left of her family.  


Ms. O’Sullivan has written an appealing tale of romance, family, and the power of forgiveness.  Naturally, there are a couple of bedroom scenes, but there’s also some really sweet romance.  Every girl needs a man who knows how to woo a lady like Gregori does!  However, it’s not all fluff.  The sisters experience resentment, jealousy, and other emotions one would expect among family members, but even amongst the bickering it is obvious that the sisters love each other.  This is the second book in the series, and while it stands alone for the most part, there are some references to things such as someone’s magic being bound or a character being Earthbound that are not explained in this volume.  Some clarification for readers new to the series would help this book become a 5-star read.    


Leslie Stokes