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Sarah Withers is free.  Her contract with the local saloon is finally up and she can’t wait to begin a new life as a respectable young woman.

Chevelle Donahue went to work at the mall, expecting it to be just like every other day.  Her job is boring and her co-worker annoying, but Wicken is nice to look at so that balances it out.  Her day brightens a bit when she learns the mall is having a promotional event with movie star and teen heartthrob Timber Hudson

TIME TRAVEL, HISTORICAL:  Aimee Donovan is a nurse who thought she'd seen it all until she met Zach Osborne.  Claiming to be a time-travelling mountain man, he tempts her with a wilderness survival trip back to the year 1810 in Yellowstone.  Although she doesn't quite believe the man, she is skilled an

HIGH FANTASY:  As the new clan mistress, Ilyenna has a lot of responsibilities for a seventeen year old.  Her dedication to her people is fierce, and is never so apparent as when she sacrifices her freedom to save her father, the clan leader's life.  Prior to the skirmish in which she is enslaved, Elena's life is also the winter fairies.  The price for her life is her humanity, her j

Whispering Symmetry

SCI-FI:  "Whispering Symmetry" is a collection of interwoven short sci-fi stories that explore ideas of philosophy, religion, and societal trends using characters of various ages and in multiple point of views, set in the not-so-distant future.  A technological innovator discovers her Robot Butler is m