Displaced (Book One of the Achlivan Cycle)

Young Adult

Chevelle Donahue went to work at the mall, expecting it to be just like every other day.  Her job is boring and her co-worker annoying, but Wicken is nice to look at so that balances it out.  Her day brightens a bit when she learns the mall is having a promotional event with movie star and teen heartthrob Timber Hudson. None of the three expected to be kidnapped by aliens!  When Chevelle and Timber are thrust together and Wicken is taken away, Chevelle is given a chance to save Wicken, but doing so could cost Timber everything. Can they learn the truth, save Wicken, and get home? They have to do it fast, because what they don’t know is that time is running out.


An excellent YA/NA Sci-Fi read with a hint of Dystopian thrown in! The story alternates between the journal-like point of views of Chevelle, Wicken, and Timber. Each is unique and has a strong distinct voice. Being kidnapped has a different effect on all three, and being thrust into a matriarchal society adds depth via their reactions which are well balanced between natural weakness and strengths. While the romance is strong, it fortunately lacks the love triangle that is so prevalent in many YA novels. The only real downside is the cliffhanger ending which will leave readers shouting in protest. Jenkins has created a fantastic read that needs to be continued sooner rather than later!

Sarah E Bradley