Sarah Sunshine (Montana Romance #2.5)


Sarah Withers is free.  Her contract with the local saloon is finally up and she can’t wait to begin a new life as a respectable young woman. It seems as though the sky’s the limit and with the help of her previous employer, she should be well on her way to great things - things that will make her the kind of woman Roy would want to marry.

Roy LaCroix works at the hotel in town. He has a promising future and has always loved Sarah. He doesn’t care about her past and admires her zest for a better life but when she picks the biggest prude in town to help her become “respectable” he fears she may never be his.

Originality is refreshing and abounds in “Sarah Sunshine”, making it an absolute joy to read. Farmer’s development of colorful old west characters and, especially, unique scenes is as new and invigorating as a spring day. The steamy scenes are well-written and hold an element of tenderness in loving contrast to the life Sarah has finally left behind.  

 “Sarah Sunshine” also breaks the annoying unfinished feel that many novellas have. Thankfully, it’s a beautifully finished novella that doesn’t leave you wondering where the rest of it is. Thank ya kindly, Miss Farmer!

Sofia St. Angeles